It took almost two months for the Moskva to arrive from a remote part of Russia. She(?) appeared to be in excellent condition and I was about to load the first film.

Yesterday, I set up a darkroom in the basement and did my very first print on Fomaspeed paper. What a satisfying feeling to go through the whole process of doing test prints, determining the desired time to expose the paper, the actual exposure, moving the paper through the chemicals and the joy of holding result in your hands.

waiting for a parcel from far far away…

I haven’t posted for a while and for several reasons. I spent most of October traveling South East Asia. There were a lot of opportunities for taking pictures. But with all the resulting pictures comes a responsibility: Choosing only the best ones and throw the rest away.

I was busy doing other things, but while reading a long and thorough text on what is known about VW’s manipulation of the emission tests and how that story has been developing for about 10 years, I thought I might post an 2013 picture from Myanmar describing the issue.

Our company participated with several hundred runners in a 6,1 km fun run and I was lucky enough to get a press permit. No big deal, because there was no exclusive back stage or the like.