Two weeks ago, I went to see the Michael Kenna retrospective in Iserlohn. There are more than 100 pictures to be seen in this exhibition and I left really impressed. The way these black and white prints draw attention to the finest detail and their clear, seemingly simple composition are well worth a visit to Iserlohn.

2014 brought an unexpected camera change. I was quite happy with my 5D Mk II and had no intention of replacing it any time soon. But one night a got a call from Stefan, who is going mirrorless and sells his Canon gear.

My wife wants to start running again seriously, so she had her lactic acid levels tested in order to determine a good training schedule. At first, her heart rate monitor did not work, so her pulse had to be measured old school

First time I ever went to Photokina. What can I say? Unless you need to make a buying decision, you might as well skip it. I am quite content with my gear, so most of the stuff displayed did not pique my interest.

Boris and Chris did another workshop in Duisburg. You can find the pictures here

In Bochum, a town close to where I live, there used to be a factory that was producing aluminum products. It has been closed down a couple of years ago. Not too much to see there, but here you go.