I travelled a lot last year and finally accomplished something new in the field of photography. Leave the camera in the hotel and enjoy the day! I took less pictures than ever before while travelling, but was still happy with what I brought home and had a satisfactory rate of keepers.

My darkroom wasn’t usable in the summer, because it still has light leaks. With fall approaching, it would be the right time to print some pictures. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen before November.

Traveling through India for four weeks resulted in a lot of interesting picture. While still sorting the rest of them, you can have a look at the faces of Rajasthan

Having not enough time on my hands, I recently spent more time on my other side project and not as much on photography. That being said, my focus will certainly shift back to photography over the next couple weeks, although I won’t be posting any new pictures or update this blog in August.

First, I took some pictures at a 6,7km fun run. The next morning, I went to see the Impossible Project factory in Enschede, The Netherlands and in the evening I did some urban exploration at an abandoned rusk factory.

I printed my first 10x15 cm pictures from 6x9 cm negatives last week and was quite surprised that the first test print turned out completely dark. I had used the sample paper and exposure times similar to the last batch of 35mm film I printed.