Waiting again

Apr. 10, 2016 183 words 1 min

I printed my first 10x15 cm pictures from 6x9 cm negatives last week and was quite surprised that the first test print turned out completely dark.

I had used the sample paper and exposure times similar to the last batch of 35mm film I printed. So what went wrong? Quite easy in retrospect, I didn’t take the more than six times larger area of the negative into account. As a result, a lot more light passed through the negative onto the paper and caused it to turn completely black. On the other hand, this did not translate into six times shorter exposure times, but that is something I have to figure out yet.

Waiting again? Yes, two rolls medium format film got me so excited that I bid for a used Fuji GF670 W on eBay. It should be shipping from Great Britain next week….


I won the auction, but the seller refused to ship the camera :-/ Now waiting for GF670 from Japan.

[2nd Update]

The black Fujifilm GF 670 arrived in beautiful condition and is a pleasure to shoot with.

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