Glenorchy I didn’t take many pictures this year, apart from some iPhone shots during vacation. The battery in my Fuji 607 went dead, pushing Fomapan film is not a good idea, so I don’t have any 35mm or 6x7 pictures to publish here yet.

I finally had my first two color rolls developed. I just dropped them at the local drug store and received the results a week later. They were processed by CEWE, one of the remaining large companies in Germany, that still develops film.

After receiving an LED light plate, I scanned a first batch of 7x6 negatives. See Brandt rusk factory for two new black and white pictures

My wife and I moved to Hamburg this summer. In our new home there is no space to set up a dark room, so no more printing of b/w pictures at the moment.

… I posted a picture of a run over dead pigeon, stating that I was afraid that it was sign of things to come. Back then, I thought of plain violence.

I travelled a lot last year and finally accomplished something new in the field of photography. Leave the camera in the hotel and enjoy the day! I took less pictures than ever before while travelling, but was still happy with what I brought home and had a satisfactory rate of keepers.