A new store dedicated to analog photography opened this summer in Hamburg.

This site was based on the long abandoned Koken framework. I had planned to migrate the content sometime in future to the static site generator hugo. This was not supposed to happen before my theme for hugo had most of the functionality required for a photo blog in place.

Not much to write about 2021, at least not regarding photography. But I finally managed to add SSL to this site, so you should see a little lock symbol in the address bar.

I’am listening to Linton Kwesi Johnson’s “Inglan Is A Bitch”, a song from the musical gem “Bass Culture”, I discovered only recently. The track might as well be titled “2020 is a bitch”.

These are some of the pictures from a three week cruise on a container ship

One month in the Hawai’i archipelago provided some expected and some unexpected photo opportunities. Among the expected were beach, waves and surfers. Unexpected were rain forest next to dry eroding cattle pastures, wild chicken all over Kauai and an invitation to a sacred ceremony at Mauna Kea Protestors Camp.