This post should have been published on 26th of April, but I didn’t upload the picture until today, so this is a bit out of cronological order. You can find my entry here.

Another gear/software change. This time not entirely my own decision. Apple “announced”* last year that they’d cease support/development of Aperture. I was hoping that the new Photos app that comes with Yosemite 10.

Easter weekend used to be a weekend were lots of peace rallies/demonstrations took place in Germay. The strong symbol of these demonstrations is the dove of peace. Times have changed and I hope this one is not a sign of things to come.

Went for a walk with my wife, she had her Polaroid with the new Impossible b/w 2.0 film with her. The sun was already low and some skaters were practicing their tricks.

some impressions from Davos, Switzerland

I am certainly not Charlie, because (the authors of) Charlie (Hebdo) were far more brave than I will ever be. And I live in Germany, with a government that happily sells tanks to Saudi Arabia, a country that has not only one of the worst human rights records in the world, but does not mind a ridiculous cleric decree that forbids citizens to build snowmen for religious reasons.