Just returned from a two week trip to Iceland. Now sorting out the 1000+ pics I took. Until I am done, have a look at the usual cliches that come to mind when thinking about Iceland (sorry, no whale watching, northern lights or fermented shark).

Since my wife wanted to know more about analog photography, we spend a weekend in Berlin for an absolutanalog workshop. I didn’t have an analog camera, so I was given an old Minolta X-700 with a 35 or 50mm prime lens and told to go shoot some film that we would develop later on.

Today is Worldwide Pinhole Day. This is my contribution.

I used to have my wife’s polaroids on this site. They can now be found here:

Not much to read here, as the intent of this site is to show some of my favorite/best shots. Like this one, that I put on Flickr back in the day