Jan. 3, 2015 194 words 1 min

2014 brought an unexpected camera change. I was quite happy with my 5D Mk II and had no intention of replacing it any time soon.

But one night a got a call from Stefan, who is going mirrorless and sells his Canon gear. We quickly agreed on a price for his 6D and my 5D will go on sale this weekend.

So is the 6D an upgrade or a downgrade from the 5D? Both, hence the title of this post.

On the downgrade side are the body and some of the controls. The buttons on top of the camera feel less solid than on the 5D and the buttons on the back side could use a little more space between them. My 5D suffered some scratches on the prism housing and a can only hope that the plastic top of the 6D can take the same abuse. Why did I swap the two cameras then?

The 6D has GPS and far better low light capabilities then the 5D II. But to my surprise, the feature I currently like best is the shutter that seems almost silent compared to the loud CLONK of the 5D.

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