Site update

Oct. 21, 2022 179 words 1 min

This site was based on the long abandoned Koken framework. I had planned to migrate the content sometime in future to the static site generator hugo. This was not supposed to happen before my theme for hugo had most of the functionality required for a photo blog in place. But then my wife received a damage claim for supposedly violating GDPR rights with her website. That claim was based on the suspicion that loading fonts for her website from Google would expose private data (the ip address) of unsuspecting visitors to Google, thereby violating their GDPR rights. Fixing her site was easy. But the old version of this site referenced fonts hosted by Google as well. Fixing that would have been more difficult since I don’t know my way around Koken and the PHP language it was based on. Fortunately, I had most of the content for the site already converted. As a result you are now looking at a new version of this site that may be lacking some features but is not reliant on Google fonts anymore.

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