Nov. 23, 2022 134 words 1 min

A new store dedicated to analog photography opened this summer in Hamburg.

Two rolls of undeveloped medium format Kodak color that a) expired in 2018 and b) had already been exposed in 2020(Portra) and 2021(Ektar) were nearly forgotten in a drawer. Last week, I finally took them to Khrome for development and scanning. I was a bit in a rush, so I didn’t have time to appreciate the store itself. Two days later,I received the scanned films via wetransfer and was very happy. Having the “exif” data for the two films, I knew in theory where and when I exposed each picture. No surprises there, but the rate of keepers turned out rather high. I will publish the scans once I have a script in place to add all “exif” data to the files.

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