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Went for a walk with my wife, she had her Polaroid with the new Impossible b/w 2.0 film with her.

The sun was already low and some skaters were practicing their tricks. I asked one of them to do a wheelie, so I could take the picture I had in mind.


 With exposure compensation to the max and shot against the sun, I am quite satisfied with it.


some impressions from Davos, Switzerland

Don't buy gear...

... buy this book instead!

Je (ne) suis (pas) Charlie

The Mosque in Berlin Tempelhof (Kodak Tri-X 400)

I am certainly not Charlie, because (the authors of) Charlie (Hebdo) were far more brave than I will ever be.

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Michael Kenna Retrospective

Two weeks ago, I went to see the Michael Kenna retrospective in Iserlohn.

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2014 brought an unexpected camera change. I was quite happy with my 5D Mk II and had no intention of replacing it any time soon.

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Lactic Acid

test tubes

My wife wants to start running again seriously, so she had her lactic acid levels tested in order to determine a good training schedule.

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Photokina 2014

First time I ever went to Photokina. What can I say? Unless you need to make a buying decision, you might as well skip it. I am quite content with my gear, so most of the stuff displayed did not pique my interest.



Boris and Chris did another workshop in Duisburg. You can find the pictures here 


Another lost place

door bell

In Bochum, a town close to where I live, there used to be a factory that was producing aluminum products. It has been closed down a couple of years ago. Not too much to see there, but here you go.

Iceland 2014

Just returned from a two week trip to Iceland. Now sorting out the 1000+ pics I took. Until I am done, have a look at the usual cliches that come to mind when thinking about Iceland (sorry, no whale watching, northern lights or fermented shark).

The streets of Reykjavik get some more floor heating

Joining the analog trend

Since my wife wanted to know more about analog photography, we spend a weekend in Berlin for an absolutanalog workshop. I didn't have an analog camera, so I was given an old Minolta X-700 with a 35 or 50mm prime lens and told to go shoot some film that we would develop later on. Something funny happened within the next hour.

Joining the analog crowd

I never had this camera in my hands before, I took my first picture, looked at the display to check... wait, no display. Took the next picture, didn't even think about checking the non existing display. I stumbled once more when I forgot to advance the film before pressing the shutter button again. After that the X-700 felt so natural like I had been using it for ages. How come my Canon DSLR does not feel that way? The Minolta has every button in the right place, split prism focusing aid, aperture dial right at the lens and the list goes on. This camera had made its way into my muscle memory faster than I could have anticipated. When shooting with my Canon later on, I even unconsciously tried to advance the film.

To cut a long story short, I'm now a proud and happy owner of a Minolta X-700 with a 50/f1.4 and look forward to develop my first b/w film at home.

Last weekend, I went to Berlin, visited the Fotoimpex shop and bought their basic development starter kit.

Update After much sweating while getting the film off the roll onto the spiral in the dark, the first film has been developed.

Have a look at my lovely neighborhood.

And some natural color key with a color film that I did not develop myself.

Worldwide Pinhole Day 2014

Today is Worldwide Pinhole Day. This is my contribution.

Pinhole day 2014

The polaroids have left the building!

I used to have my wife's polaroids on this site. They can now be found here:


Not much to read here, as the intent of this site is to show some of my favorite/best shots

"Der gefährlichste Ort in Dortmund"